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Will writing, Probate and LPA Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to do your own background reading, the following pages will give you a start.

Why Make a Will.
Will Trusts for your Family.
Protecting the family home.
Severance of Tenancy.
Inheritance Tax.
Gifts and Inheritance Tax.
Transferable NRB.
Signing a Will.
Video Witnessing.
Wills and Marriage.
Wills and Civil Partner.
STEP Provisions.
Online Wills.
Personal Chattels.
Challenging a Will.

Will Writing Questions


For those keen to find out more about Wills, Probate and related matters then the following pages may be of help.

But beware - like any area of the law there are plenty of complexities and subtle points which cannot be covered in the few words given to each topic. You may think your situation to be simple - but a simple view can all too easily become a simplistic one and your family miss out on the benefits of personal advice. So, use the information here as an initial guide and then contact us for more detailed advice tailored to your particular situation.

All the guidance given on this site relates to our understanding of the law of England & Wales and this can be subject to change.