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Fees for Wills and other services

With a wide range of services available, including bespoke options, you are only charged for the service(s) that you use. You will be given clear pricing according to your particular situation, before you place any order. You only pay once the documents are completed. (back to main fees page)

Making A Will


All clients receive initial advice, so that you can make an informed decisions for your Will. Depending upon the choices that you make there are then 3 levels of fees:

Simple Family Will

Single - £200  Couple - £300

Basic Trust Will (such as a Will with a Property Trust to protect your house as it passes to your partner)

Single - £300  Couple - £400

Advanced Trust Will (complex trusts to protect inheritance as it passes to your partner and later to your family)

Single - £400  Couple - £500

Unlike many other Will writing services , here at InHouse our service includes all of the following:-


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