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Online Wills

An online Will (or even doing it by post) might be cheap and hassle free, but also risky - but why take the gamble when it could cost your family their inheritance?

Online Wills

There are many offerings to make a Will online - Make a Will in 10 Minutes or perhaps Your Will for just £10 or whatever it might be. Sounds attractive. Indeed, InHouse has been approached many times by software houses keen to implement their solutions on this website to let you make a Will online. So why don’t we offer it?

Creating your Will is an extremely important process. You might have very little to pass on - but that just makes it even more important to do it in the best way possible. Whatever your wealth, using a Will to appoint Guardians for your young children and deciding on Trustees to manage their inheritance for them is clearly a critical task to get right.

A Will created online can be valid - that is, provided you follow the signing / witnessing process correctly. However, there is a big difference between being valid and being the right Will for you and your family. For example, what if:-

A personal meeting with the Will writing specialist deals with all these problems and more. We ensure that you receive the most appropriate advice for your particular situation, so that you can create the best Will. After you have passed away, if for any reason there is a query about the Will our attendance notes are available to the Probate Court as extra evidence of your wishes, of your state of mind, etc.

With your Will being so important to those you leave behind, there is no point trying to cut corners by gambling with an online service. Our home visit usually takes just over an hour, costs from £180 for a single person and makes the whole process as easy as possible, whilst ensuring that it is done correctly - surely that is an investment in your family’s future that is worth making?