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Pre-paid Funeral Plans


Often there is the worry about the financial burden of the funeral

One way to deal with this is to put money aside in a savings plan, or take out an insurance policy - but how much will you need? In recent years the cost of funerals has roughly doubled every 10 years, so it can be hard to be sure that there will be enough to cover the future costs. Meanwhile those savings are vulnerable to other claims on your assets, such as having to use them to pay residential care costs.

For these reasons and more, increasing numbers of people are putting money into a pre-paid funeral plan. A funeral plan can allow you to specify many of the major components whilst ensuring that you have paid at today’s prices. Your payment can be kept safe by a separate specialist company, independent of any funeral director but ready to be released to pay for arrangements when required. Although you might be living here in Leicester when you take out the plan it can be used anywhere in the country, so there is no problem if you move home in the future.

There are various options available, allowing you to choose the type of arrangement that suits you. Sometimes a couple may choose to purchase a single plan between the two of them. This can minimise your costs today, whilst ensuring that whoever is the first to pass away the survivor does not have to worry about finding enough money to pay for the funeral. InHouse can provide you with details of what is involved.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans


Paying for a funeral at today’s prices can save money in the long term and remove a major worry from your family.

Of course, finding the money for a funeral is only part of the story - it still leaves the family to make the detailed arrangements at the time. Hence you may wish to plan some or all of the details by creating your own personalised funeral plan.


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