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Signing a Will

Unless correctly ‘attested’ (signed, with witnesses), a Will is meaningless. Having your Will writer supervise the process reduces the chances of problems. If you witness a Will, it means you cannot benefit from the Will.

Signing a Will

There is a lot of confusion around something as basic as the attestation process i.e. the signing of a Will. These notes should help to dispel a few myths and help ensure your Will is valid.

For these and other reasons it is good practice for the signing of your Will to be supervised by your Will writer. If you choose to do it on your own, you should still have it checked afterwards. Once it is signed the Will must be kept safe, somewhere you can be sure it will be found later. NEVER keep it at home. - it can go missing in even the most organised of households.

Due to COVID 19 the government is allowing witnessing of Wills via live video link (read more)