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Surrogate Parents Need Special Wills


The law relating to surrogate parenting of children has been developing over the years. Nowadays surrogacy usually takes place under a formal arrangement, with the commissioning parents paying all the resultant expenses.

One item that might be overlooked is the need for all the adults involved to update their Wills. Of course, at the time of planning the creation of a new life it is hard to plan for the possible ending of one, but as responsible people you should ensure that all eventualities are covered.

The surrogacy process involves a period of time where the newborn child is legally regarded as belonging to the surrogate mother and this can continue for a number of months. If something should happen to her (or possibly to her husband) during that period the legal implications could be awkward, to say the least. Likewise, the commissioning parents need to consider the consequences of something happening to them during this period - as well as the normal provisions made with a Will for when the child is legally their full responsibility.

InHouse has experience of creating Wills in these situations and can help you to make the right decisions. Thankfully none of these Wills have had to be invoked, but they have given everyone involved great peace of mind that these particular issues have been covered.

Surrogacy and your Will

If you are involved in a surrogacy arrangement then your Will should allow for this. Don’t overlook this important part of the process.