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Why Make a Will?

Young or old, rich or poor, almost all adults should have a Will and it should be up to date.

Not sure why? The notes here give a few of the many reasons.

Why Make a Will?


There are no “if’s” and no “buts” about this - if you have young children you need a Will. No arguments. At the very least it should say who will take care of your children (guardian) and who will look after their money (executor/trustee)

Without a Will, the rules of intestacy apply. This might mean long lost relatives (or their descendents) have to be tracked down, which can create a lot of delay, worry and expense. The rules are always subject to change, so you cannot be certain who will eventually inherit your  estate.

Without a Will only your spouse / civil partner is certain to get something (but not necessarily everything) and then your closest blood relatives would be next in line, as set out in the rules of intestacy. Neither your unmarried partner nor any other non-relative receives anything - unless they can go to court to prove that they were financially dependent upon you or that you had made a particular promise to them

If you want any money to skip a generation i.e. to give it to grandchildren, you cannot rely on someone else passing it on. Their own circumstances might prevent them doing it, or they might be under pressure from third-parties to not follow your wishes. If you want something like this to happen, you must put it in your Will.

A Will can reduce arguments. It is then clear what you want to happen and who it is you want to handle things (the executors).

With a Will you may be able to reduce inheritance tax - if not for your estate then for future generations.

With a Will you may be able to protect your house or other parts of your estate against being lost to Long Term Care Fees or other attacks on family inheritance.

Only if there really is nobody you care about and if you don’t want anything to go to charity then fine, forget about a Will and let the lawyers eat up your estate in fees and give the government a chance to get hold of what is left.

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