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Award-winning Will writer

Willwriter of the year (2014/15)


Each year the Institute of Professional Willwriters makes an award to mark particular contributions to the the Willwriting profession. At the 2014 AGM outgoing IPW chairman Paul Sharpe announced Peter Wood of InHouse Wills as a winner of the Richard Hook Memorial award. Paul’s comments included:-

"If there is one thing that you can say about Peter’s contributions on the forum – it’s that they are always thorough, well-reasoned and faultless, unlike mine, as Peter has not been afraid to point out. Thanks Peter for keeping an eye on me and thanks for putting something back into the Institute."


The IPW is the country’s leading organisation representing specialist Willwriters and is often consulted by government departments on relevant matters. Its online forum provides a mechanism for professionals to swap ideas and to receive help with tricky technical matters. Through his contributions to the forum, along with direct advice to individual members, Peter helps not just those new to the profession but also more established members who are wrestling with more advanced technical questions. He also regularly gives advice to members of the public who need help, including with Wills that have been written by other Willwriters or solicitors.


The award was something of a surprise to Peter who has commented,

“My clients make appreciative comments about the way that I deal with them in person, but it’s good to know that fellow professionals have confirmed the technical quality of what I do.”


All members of the IPW must adhere to its Code of Practice; this Code is the only one endorsed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute for the delivery of legal services to the general public. This includes keeping up to date with ongoing training as well as ensuring that consumers are dealt with to a high standard.

Will writing institute acknowledges quality of technical contributions