The time has come for me to "semi-retire". For existing clients, their family and friends that makes no difference; I continue to be available to update existing Wills, help with estate administration ('probate') and Lasting Power of Attorney and to offer general advice. I also have specialist partners who can look at contesting a Will.


However, I am not looking for brand new Will clients - although if you need a quick chat on the phone for a bit of guidance on these topics I'm always happy to talk.


I can be contacted via or on 0116 287 1964 (but please, normal office hours only)

A Will: the most valuable document you ever create


Your good Will deals with everything that you own, looks after young children and benefits your family for generations to come. Our home visit Will writing service ensures that this vital document is created properly and easily.


By making a Will you can protect family inheritance with legacies in trust, look after young children by appointing guardians, take care of vulnerable beneficiaries, improve your family's inheritance tax situation and protect family finances long into the future.


We have personal experience of step families and of adoption and can advise on specialist topics such as the impact of surrogacy on inheritance. (read more about writing a Will)

Estate administration ('probate')


When a person passes away someone has to sort out their financial affairs. The overall process is known as Estate Administration. For those with few assets the process could be very simple, whilst for others it can take many years with major tax, legal and financial responsibilities including obtaining a Grant of Probate.


In all cases the Will must be put into effect by the named executors, or where there is no Will then the rules of Intestacy must be applied. It can be very daunting to be faced with all these issues, especially if someone is looking to contest the Will, which is why InHouse can arrange for as much or as little help as you may need. (read more about probate)


Lasting Power of Attorney


We all know that a time might come when we have become too frail to manage our own affairs and need help from trusted family or friends to make decisions on our behalf. If Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) forms have been put in place ahead of time then you can be confident that the people you have chosen can make all the decisions needed, whilst keeping you in charge for as much as possible. 


An LPA must be created before you need it. Leaving things too late can create great worry, delay and cost for everyone involved and could mean that those you don't trust end up making important decisions for you. (read more about LPAs)

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