Contentious Probate

Contesting a Will

Checking the strength of a claim


With 1 in 3 people relying on an inheritance, disputes over inheritance arrangements can often occur following the death of a family member; but is there a basis for making a successful claim?


Inheritance disputes can be a difficult time for families, with emotions running high following the passing of a family member. People are often grieving, or angry about a situation which they feel is unfair. If you have not received the inheritance you expected, we can arrange help.


Our specialist partners IDR Law have created a tool that can help you understand the legal issues around these types of disputes, and give you an instant answer to whether anything can be done to resolve your situation.


Answer the questions on the form as best you can using the information you have about your inheritance situation. The guidance will help you answer the questions, and understand the common issues people face during inheritance disputes. On completion you can download a free, tailored report with detailed advice on specific issues around your situation, with a breakdown of how they will effect any challenge to your inheritance arrangements.


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