Making a Will

Face to face service


The A-B-C of Writing a Will



The home visit begins by finding out key information about you, your family & friends and your general financial situation. With that information we can then offer appropriate guidance that focuses on Will options that are most relevant for you.


Basic Will


There is always a lot to be said for keeping things simple, with a basic Will. But even then, we make sure that you have considered all the appropriate factors and take you through relevant "what if ...?" possibilities.


Comprehensive Will


A Will that exploits a comprehensive trust can help to safeguard your family's inheritance in all sorts of way. The details depend upon what is important to you, which could include:-

  • protecting your home against paying a partner's residential care fees
  • minimising future inheritance tax
  • protecting young children
  • handling the family business
  • avoiding legacies being lost to debt
  • keeping money away from a step family.


We can deal with these and many other concerns that might be important to you.

Choosing your Will